SHA4, Durrës, Albania, +355 69 822 9985

About Hotel Bonita

Our History

For a couple of years we have been offering an outstanding service of hotelier in Albania and in the region. Hotel Bonita has improved itself during the pas year in order to meet the highest values that make sure to offer all its clients a very comfortable stay. Our staff is delighted to serve you and make sure you get all the services you need.

Our Vision

We provide happiness, peace, joy, relaxation, tasteful cooking and amazing sunsets in our Hotel. We are inspired by sea in order to produce delicious foods that meet the highest standards and provide a bite full of Mediterranean taste.
We encourage you to try our Hotel and we guarantee you that you will be visiting us again.

Hotel BONITA defines tradition, prestige and hospitality in a peaceful atmosphere.

Situated in a dominant position overlooking the beautiful, deep blue Adriatic Sea and the clean Durrës beach in the horseshoe bay of Durrës City, Bonita Hotel offers a truly wonderful spot for relaxing summer holidays. The comfortable conditions and settings combine with the very good service and reasonable prices to create a welcoming and stress free atmosphere. If you are looking for luxury, you will not find it at Bonita. However what you will find are: new comfortable room conditions, a nice beach, a spectacular view, and friendly willing staff to make your stay an experience to remember.